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"The best decision I made for my hearing was switching to Tobias & Battite. Always professional and friendly, I know I'm getting the best care for my hearing loss."

~ Scott | Boston

"After undergoing treatment for an acoustic neuroma I was told that within two years I would be functionally deaf in the ear with the neuroma and that hearing aids would not be of any use since the acoustic nerve had been permanently damaged. Shortly thereafter a friend told me about her new hearing device, the BAHA (Bone Assisted Hearing Aid). Unlike a hearing aid, the BAHA transfers sound from the non hearing side of the head via bone conductivity over the skull to the functioning ear. The brain takes the input from the BAHA and transforms it into full range hearing. Although I was skeptical I decided to give it a try.

I now can hear conversations in crowded noisy settings, settings that I had increasingly been avoiding because of my lack of hearing. My BAHA has returned my hearing to a practical, functioning level. The BAHA has exceeded my expectations and I have shared my success with the BAHA with medical professionals who treat acoustic neuromas so that they can share this information with their patients.

Tobias and Battite Hearing Healthcare provided me with my new BAHA and programmed it to my specific hearing needs. I have referred several people to them and am pleased to have this opportunity to express my satisfaction with both the product and their service in a more public way."

~ Connie

"My experience with Tobias & Battite, Inc in getting my hearing aids was smooth sailing. From the moment I booked the appointment from Bermuda, sending the required information needed and then flying to Boston to meet them. I had told them what type of hearing aids I wanted they had picked out the type of hearing aids they felt would suit me. I had them fitted in less than a week. They were considerate and obliging with walking me through the steps in using them, cleaning them, changing batteries etc. I could not be happier as it was totally painless!"

~ Ellen | Bermuda



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